Peter Meusburger
Portrait of Peter Meusburger
Professor Peter Meusburger (1942–2017) held the Chair of Economic and Social Geography and was later a senior professor at the University of Heidelberg. He studied at the University of Innsbruck, where he received the doctorate degree and completed his habilitation as well. Throughout his academic career Peter Meusburger contributed in particular to the research in geography of education and committed himself to promote the geography of knowledge within a broader international and interdisciplinary context. Supported by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung, Peter Meusburger gave important impulses for exchange and cooperation by the Hettner Lectures (1997–2006) and from 2006 onwards the ‘Knowledge and Space’ Symposia, which he was able to continue for several years jointly with Johannes Glückler, the successor of his chair at Heidelberg University.
Peter Meusburger was strongly committed to supporting geography as a discipline and to serving his university. He took on various functions and responsibilities at Heidelberg University and in the professional associations of geography. Peter Meusburger was convinced that scientific practice has to be sparked and enhanced by exchange and cooperation. One of his particular concerns was to open up free spaces and opportunities for future generations in science.